Breaking The Glass Ceiling Of Search Through Acquisition

Trying to break into a competitive niche and worried that you can’t compete in organic search? Columnist Matthew Barby shares an unusual but effective strategy for breaking into these tough markets.


When you’re working on an SEO campaign within a particularly competitive niche, it can sometimes feel that for every step forward you take, your competitors are taking an extra two. This is particularly relevant when you come into a niche where there have been a select number of really powerful domains that have dominated the first page of Google for the majority of keywords you’re targeting for several years.

This isn’t unusual at all. It’s particularly relevant within the blogging world where you will often see the same few blogs appearing for a number of search terms related to what they cover. Let’s take the SEO niche as an example. Just run a search for any of the following keywords:

link building
on page optimisation
local SEO

After glancing over the first page of Google, you’ll start to see a few familiar faces appearing regularly. Moz, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch will frequently be popping up on the front page for most terms related to SEO.

For someone with a relatively new site, or even an established site, it can be quite a daunting prospect to go head on and challenge the big boys for really competitive search terms.

If you’re serious about competing in highly competitive niches, you’ll need to be prepared to spend the kind of money that the competition are. That’s not to say that you can’t compete with them on a smaller budget, but if you’re looking to get to where you want to be in any time soon, investment is going to be needed.

Now, before I get a ton of responses that say, “Just use some clever black hat SEO to get you there,” I want to make the point now that I’m talking about competing with as little risk as possible.

I don’t doubt for a second that someone could go and rank for an incredibly competitive phrase within a few weeks or even days using certain link building methods. That said, I’ve never liked the idea of building out a brand that has an unnecessarily large risk of being ruined when there are alternative approaches….

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