What if Donald Trump wants to live in Trump Tower? New York mayor weighs in

NEW YORK: What if speculation proves correct and Donald Trump+ decides against settling in Washington and maintains his principal residence in New York?
That’s the question the city’s mayor Bill de Blasio raised on Friday.

Since his election+ last week, the real estate billionaire – who has always lived in New York – has hardly left Manhattan.

He has spent most of the time entrenched with his family and advisors in his Fifth Avenue building, Trump Tower, causing havoc in the heart of the country’s largest city due to his security detail and ongoing anti-Trump protests.

“We have never faced that situation before,” De Blasio told reporters.
Although he provided no concrete figures, De Blasio said security for the president-elect has been more formidable than during the annual UN General Assembly, which brings together dozens of world leaders.

City authorities – who expect Trump+ to remain in Manhattan as the holidays approach – plan to reinforce security measures and traffic restrictions already in place around Trump Tower until his inauguration in Washington on January 20.
And what afterwards?

De Blasio, who met Trump in his tower on Wednesday, refused to speculate.
“The president elect has to get into office and have the experience of being in the White House and make the decision that’s right for him and his family,” he said.



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