Budget 2017: Arun Jaitley’s Shayari Cheered In House, Rahul Gandhi Wasn’t Applauding

NEW DELHI:Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s attempt at softening his budget speech with a dash of poetry was disparaged by Rahul Gandhi, who called it “shero-shayari ka budget”.

In keeping with the tradition of budget speeches, Mr Jaitley infused his nearly two-hour-long speech with Urdu couplets.

“Is modh par na ghabra kar thaam jaaiye aap, jo baat nayi hai usey apnaaiye aap (Don’t get nervous and stop at this juncture),” said the minister to cheers and applause in parliament while talking about demonetisation, a move that has been sharply criticized by opposition parties as ill-planned and chaotic.

Mr Jaitley strongly defended the notes ban announced suddenly last November as a monumental step to check black or untaxed money. One “sher” was dedicated entirely to black money. “Roshni jo ye nikal ayi hai, kale dhan ko bhi badalna pada apna rang (The light that has emerged has forced even black money to change colour),” he said.

In comments that were seen as directed at the opposition, the minister also said: “Darte hain nayi raah pe kyun chalne se, hum aage aage chalte hain aaiye aap… (Why are you afraid of walking on this new path, I’ll take you, just come with me).”
This is Mr Jaitley’s fourth budget since the BJP-led government came to power after winning a spectacular mandate in 2014.

Each year, he has been known to use his poetry very precisely to convey his message.

Rahul Gandhi was, however, far from impressed as he remarked that the budget speech only had poetry and little else.

“This is a shero-shayari ka budget. There is nothing for farmers, youth, unemployed,” said Mr Gandhi.



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