Post Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban, Indian Students Rethinking The American Dream

NEW DELHI: Like thousands of students every year, 27-year-old electrical engineer Baidurya Sen was all set to apply to US universities for his post-graduation in Education Policy. Now, however, this great American dream seems a bit shaky.

On January 29, US President Donald Trump announced a draft executive order blocking the entry of immigrants from seven Muslim-dominated countries in the Middle East. As a result, prospective Indian students are now wondering what Mr Trump might have in store for them.

“The uncertainty has definitely got me suspicious of what might happen,” says Mr Sen.

“If I go to study in the US, I don’t know whether I’ll be able to settle down there with my family. That has made me doubtful,” he adds.

Several Indian students, like 23-year-old Divija Mohan, have changed their plans to pursue academic courses in the US. “I think I have to explore more options like applying to Canada, Europe and Australia,” she explains.
Indian students constitute nearly 16 per cent of the total international students in US and contribute nearly $5 billion to their economy, according to the Institute of International Education’s Open Doors Report. While 2015 saw a 60 per cent increase in Indian students from 54,000 in 2014, this year could be different.

But experts say United States’ loss could be a gain for countries like Canada which, relatively, used to attract a fraction of Indian students.

“A lot of Indian students were looking at Master’s programmes in the US. They all had good grades and yet, they were refused. Hence, many are looking at Canada in a big way now,” says Sujeet Peter, Director of New Delhi’s Canadian Education Centre.



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