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Trump, Citing ‘a Witch Hunt,’ Denies Any Collusion With Russia


WASHINGTON — President Trump announced irately on Thursday that he was the casualty of a witch chase, and everything except repudiated his agent lawyer general on the terminating of the F.B.I. executive, in a broad dissent of any arrangement between his battle and Russia.

“I regard the move,” Mr. Trump said of the Justice Department’s choice on Wednesday to select an exceptional direction to research the matter. “Be that as it may, the whole thing has been a witch chase.”

“What’s more, there is no agreement between, positively, myself and my battle — yet I can simply represent myself — and the Russians,” he said. “Zero.”

Mr. Trump made his remarks while remaining close by Colombia’s leader, Juan Manuel Santos. As he dove in his heels, Mr. Trump additionally muddied his clarification of why he rejected the F.B.I. chief, James B. Comey — and in doing as such, offered an alternate form of occasions from one given to representatives hours before by the delegate lawyer general, Rod J. Rosenstein.

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